May 31, 2020

Fight, Collect, Upgrade - Minecraft Dungeons (game release)

Minecraft Dungeons game release
The original game Minecraft has lots of aspects. You explore the world, fight dangerous creatures, collect materials, craft tools, and create various objects. Isn’t this too much for one game? What if we keep only explorations, fighting, and collecting? Then we won’t get Minecraft but a totally new game from the same universe - Minecraft Dungeons.

The game has been released in May 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Probably, the best way to describe this new creation of Mojang Studios is to call it “Diablo in Minecraft”. You enter a dungeon, filled with zombies, skeletons, creepers, and spiders, battle them, and collect precious loot. Then you update your weapons, activate various artifacts, and repeat the scenario again, in a new place. 

The game has a story - you have to stop an evil villager. Still, the process here is more significant than the goal. (It’s not Ori and the Blind Forest that tries to involve players emotionally)

For many gamers, Minecraft is much better than Diablo. The world here is not so horrible, the monsters are rather fun, and the mechanics are not too difficult. It’s a very accessible dungeon crawler, suitable even for family playing time - and it’s available on most of the modern gaming devices.

Players do not have hero classes - only skins of the characters and many weapons to determine their abilities. You can’t craft things, but the game gives loot generously and offers lots of possibilities to make attacks more powerful and more interesting. 

Minecraft Dungeons looks beautiful and has quite a pleasant general atmosphere. It’s one of the rare spin-offs. The others are:
  • Minecraft: Story Mode - a graphic adventure with the point-and-click style.
  • Minecraft Earth - an Augmented Reality game, a bit similar to Pokémon Go.

To play Minecraft Dungeons, buy the game for your system:

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