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Eugene Bozhenko - a professional game journalist and writer, gamer, author of the gaming blog Very Good Games Hello! My name is Eugene. I’m a gamer and also I'm a professional game journalist. Very Good Games is my blog about all things gaming. Welcome!

From thousands of games and a huge stream of game news, I choose the best (in my opinion), the most interesting and exciting info. Also, I share my playing experience and opinions on gaming products and the whole game culture.

After many years of playing games, I understood that video games have the power to affect our real life. So, I've decided to create a blog for gamers, who like virtual adventures but think not only about entertainment but also about safety and advantages of the gaming lifestyle.

How to enjoy playing games and keep mental and physical health? How can we get something useful from gaming in general? On Very Good Games, you’ll find answers and, of course, posts about interesting games for a fun time and for developing such internal skills:

#Attention,     #Memory,     #Logic,     #Planning,     #Creativity,     #Sociability,     #Reaction,     #Accuracy,     #Constancy,     #Spatial orientation,     #Improvisation.

Thanks for your attention to this project. Let’s enjoy gaming =)

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