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In this section of the Very Good Games blog, we collect cool mini games. They are small in size, don’t ask for a lot of a gamer’s time, and are available to play in a browser window or after installation on a device. Most of them are free. We have chosen games of different genres, and plan to add new virtual entertainments regularly. Here you’ll find games for Windows/Mac, and for Android/iOS.

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Mini games of all genres

Andventure mini games
There are exciting platformers and adrenaline running games in this section. In the adventure games, we explore locations with virtual heroes, collect precious artifacts, overcome tricky obstacles, and face dangerous creatures.

The section with arcades contains missions on agility and luckiness, battles in labyrinths, flying tasks, and clickers. In some games, we help heroes by staying on alert. In others, help them shoot all the opponents.

Brain teasers
These games give exciting missions, and help to develop abilities of a gamer’s mind at the same time! There are matching games, jigsaw puzzles, and tasks with words and numbers in this section. We need savvy and luckiness, attention and observation to finish levels of some brain teasers successfully.

Business mini games
Making money in virtual worlds is quite an interesting mission. By developing restaurants, hotels, hospitals, farms, trade and service businesses, organizations that entertain people or care for children, we will have fun, and may achieve abilities, which will help to succeed in real actions.

Driving mini games
This game genre is one of the most popular and interesting. Here we compete on racing tracks, deliver cargos and passengers, drive trains, park cars, or just try to reach the finish of a distance.

Creative mini games
Making something new is a really cool entertainment. Especially if it happens in the virtuality! In these games, we may create music and pictures, make a design of a house, tuning of an auto or many different objects.

Fighting mini games
So many villains are sneaking around virtual worlds, that brave heroes just can’t stand aside – they fight against hordes of powerful enemies or face mighty opponents one by one!

Flying games
It is not easy to control airplanes or helicopters in the real world. Playing flying simulators is a much easier task, even if the events take place in a war or in deep space.

Mini games for two players
Playing games with a friend is an adventure itself! In this section, we have platformers, RPG, shooters, races, sports games, and game simulators, which are made specially to play by two players on one device.

Game simulators
Games existed in our world long before computers have been invented. For many years and even centuries, people play chess, checkers, backgammon, cards, billiard, and different board games. Now they are available as virtual simulators. And we collect them in this section.

Many interesting quests may be found amongst mini games. In RPG (role-playing games), virtual heroes explore locations, battle against awful monsters, gain experience, and improve their abilities. Heroes of other quests should escape from dangerous places, accomplish some significant missions in the Point and Click style, find useful objects.

Some villains of virtual worlds can be stopped only by force of weapons. On the Very Good Games blog, we collect shooters with battling against monsters and mystical creatures, evil aliens and other fictional characters. We avoid shooters with a war between people – in our opinion, it’s not a useful gaming at all!

Sports mini games
Of course, sport becomes a really cool activity, when we do it in the real world. But virtual sports game may be interesting too. And maybe, after playing individual or command sports, and performing astonishing stunts in the virtuality, we will become inspired enough to do the same in the reality!

Strategy mini games
Strategy is a unique genre, which gives a chance to become a ruler of a settlement and make a rich empire from it, to develop a powerful army and conquer a whole virtual world. Some strategies propose defensive missions – build combat towers and protect a peaceful country from invaders. Others allow living a virtual life and finding out, to where day-by-day activities lead a game hero.

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