Jun 21, 2016

Mojang has prepared Frostburn Update – Minecraft 1.10.x

Minecraft Frostburn Update
The Mojang company, the developer of Minecraft, has made the next significant step in the process of improving its main product – the new major update was released. The name of it is Frostburn Update, and it becomes 1.10.x series of the Minecraft game in the number-style classification. So, what are waiting for us in this update?

A lot of small things were added in the game, such as sounds, music tracks, splash texts in the start window, fallingdust (a new type of particles), z teleport command, Nether Wart Blocks and Red Nether Bricks in the Nether, etc. It will be more interesting and fun to discover them in the very process of the virtual adventures. But few of the new objects and possibilities are really worth to be mentioned here.

A banner for a tutorial series How to play Minecraft


By the way, we have prepared a nice tutorial series for beginners in Minecraft. It explains many basic moments of the game.


So, let's continue with Frostburn Update!

Auto-jump – now you can turn on this option and forget about pushing the jump button again and again. Just go to a hill and your character will jump automatically. Really useful feature it is!

New feature of auto-jump in the Minecraft menu

Polar bears – new neutral mobs, which appear in icy biomes. Usually, they don’t care about the game character, but if you attack a polar bear he’ll become aggressive. Especially dangerous are attacks on a baby bear. After this, all adult animals around will try to kill your character. They swim very fast, what makes the task of escaping much harder. To spawn a polar bear you can use the corresponding spawn egg.

Polar Bear in a Minecraft world

Stray – a kind of skeletons. They spawn under the sky in icy biomes and behave almost like usual skeletons. But they have unique arrows to slow their victims for 30 seconds. And their noises have a small echo. 

Stray in a Minecraft world

Husks – a species of zombies, which spawn under the sky in desert biomes. They have few differences from normal zombies: they are a bit taller, there are no villagers among them, their voices raspier, and their attacks cause a hunger of the game character.

Husks in a Minecraft world

Fossils – skulls and spines of ancient creatures, appearing in deserts and swamps. They made of bone blocks (also new in the game) and some coal ore. Can be found under 15-24 blocks. 

Structure void blocks – invisible and intangible blocks to replace air blocks in some cases. 

Magma blocks – the new dangerous substance in the Nether. If the game character steps on it, he will have the fire damage.

Magma blocks in a Minecraft world

Also, the new update of Minecraft brings a lot of small changes into the blocky virtuality and its inhabitants. You may find the list of them on this Mojang’s official page.

Gamers had found a lot of bugs after the first release of Minecraft 1.10, as usual with fresh updates of the game. But soon Mojang have fixed many of them, releasing first Minecraft 1.10.1 and then Minecraft 1.10.2. New versions of 1.10.x series will appear and fix the rest of the bugs.

To have Frostburn Update you need just launch the Minecraft game on your computer and the new files will install automatically.

The developers of Mojang continue improving their brilliant game. At November 2016, they released Minecraft Exploration Update - read the news on the Very Good Games blog!

A screenshot of the Minecraft game for the news about Minecraft 1.11 Exploration Update