Jul 6, 2016

Furi – fighting with a calm heart!

Furi game poster
The Game Bakers studio has released a quite interesting fighting game, named Furi. The main character finds him in a highly guarded prison. Phantasmagoric jailers prevent the guy from becoming free, so he uses his powers to defeat them in desperate battles.

There are no simple enemies in the Furi game. All of them are bosses, and players should activate their virtual fighting skills to win on every stage. A special attitude is needed for every of the foes, and many tries help to find it. Only with impeccable actions, players may count on success. And this makes the game not only a bit hard to play but also very interesting for fans of the fighting genre.

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On Very Good Games, we are very cautious with fighting games because we don’t think that fight against each other is a good entertainment for humans and, especially, for gamers. But when the plot of the game talks about unreal situations and fantastic enemies, why not to show all the strengths of a powerful gamer? Furi may be a good choice for this!

The game is available for Windows computers on Steam, for PS4 on PlayStation Store, and for Xbox ONe consoles on Xbox Live.

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