Aug 10, 2016

A survival action adventure game No Man’s Sky is released

No Man’s Sky game poster
The indie studio Hello Games has released their big and very interesting project – the game No Man’s Sky. It invites us to a huge virtual world, created algorithmically in a method, called procedural generation. It means that every part of the virtual world is made by the computer program: plants, animals, mountains, oceans, planets, stars, galaxies… And they really are unexplored – even the developers didn’t “step” there.
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So players in No Man’s Sky become explorers with the vast freedom of actions and a lot of possibilities. We can begin with searching food to survive on a wild planet and then go even to space travels on fantastic ships.

One of the most exciting parts of the game is the possibility to communicate with other players. Their characters may be spawned on a faraway planet but they will share information about their explorations, trade with each other, and work together on big interesting projects.

The tremendously large size of the virtual Universe and the huge variety of objects in it make No Man’s Sky worth of gamers’ attention. The visual part of the game and the music are made by human artists and musicians, but also was “mixed” and “multiply” in the procedurally generated method.

In a way, No Man’s Sky is similar to Minecraft, but it obviously gives another game experience.
The game is available for Windows on Steam. And for PlayStation 4 on PSN:

A button for buying the No Man’s Skygame for Window computers        A button for buying the No Man’s Skygame for PlayStation 4 game consoles

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