Aug 6, 2016

The birth of a legend, or How the world became obsessed with Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go logo
It is a rare situation when almost the whole world is interested in one thing. Usually, it happens with big sports events, amazing cosmic discoveries… And in July 2016 it was a game that takes attention of the humanity – the Pokemon Go game! It has been released by Niantic and has combined in itself the progressive augmented reality system and the mega-popular creatures, Pokemon of Nintendo.

Immediately a lot of people want to install Pokemon Go on their iOS and Android devices, go to “catch ‘em all”, make their Pokemon the most powerful monsters, battle with others Pokemon trainers… 

The popularity of the game has become a unique phenomenon! But at the same time, game critics and some players talk about weaknesses of the gameplay and many disappointing technical problems.

We on the Very Good Games blog are really interested in games, so just can’t ignore all the fuss around Pokemon Go. We have decided to explore the game by our own and will share our experience and opinion with you. Read about this in the “Cool Big Games-Pokemon Go” section!

First results of our research you can find in the article “Pokemon Go – the newest gaming masterpiece”.

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