Jan 10, 2017

All we need is Brain

All we need is Brain game screenshot
for Windows & Mac

Awful zombies hide in their tombs, waiting for a victim. But clever hunters on zombies will not allow hurting innocent people! A way of killing zombies has been invented in this online mini game – put a human’s brain near a tomb, a zombie will appear, so you can do with it anything. You need a brain not only to lure zombies out but also to understand where to put those delicious pieces of zombie food. The power of a gamer's brain will help to solve this unusual brain teaser! But sometimes, you can win the game only with the power of a gun…

In the Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare game on the Very Good Games blog, you can participate in Santa’s mission, where he uses even more efficient methods of killing zombies – he takes firearms and destroys rising dead bodies by powerful streams of bullets!

A screenshot from a shooting game Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare