Jan 10, 2017

Granny Strikes Back

Granny Strikes Back game screenshot
for Windows & Mac

A spaceship of aliens has crashed on the Earth in a deep forest near the house of the game hero, a brave granny, the former special agent. Visitors from the space need special material to repair their ship – raspberry jam. Maybe they could just ask granny and she willingly gave the jam. But aliens have decided to create an army of snowy monsters to attack the house of the old lady and take the jam by force. So Granny grabs a weapon in her hands and begins to fight! She shoots sunflower seeds and other similar things at enemies, so needs to collect more such “bullets” and help the plants to grow. Granny can build snowwomen to destruct snowmen, collect coins to make useful upgrades, and attack… Santas, which appear on the game stages too. There are a lot of other interesting features, and it is better to discover them in the game itself.

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