Jan 15, 2017

Brawler Bear Arena

Brawler Bear Arena screenshot
for Windows & Mac

A strong but a bit silly bear has found an occupation for his muscles – because he still don't understand, what is useful gaming, he has decided to become a professional fighter. Many mighty animals beat each other on a special arena, so the bear joins them and begins his career. Will you help him to defeat all the competitors and gain a glory of a fighting legend? Lead the game hero to the arena and use all his strengths to withstand all attack waves. The bear can use different combos, which are activated by pressing specific combinations of buttons – these hits are very efficient and are worth to be remembered. Defeated creatures drop useful objects. Some of them you can sell between the battles to buy something handier for future fights.

Game heroes have different reasons to begin fights in the virtuality. Kung-Fu Grandpa doesn’t want any glory and money. He just wants to sleep peacefully and wants to get rid of punks in his city – fight on his side on the Very Good Games blog!

A screenshot from a free fighting games Kung-Fu Grandpa. Play it on the gaming blog Very Good Games