Jan 15, 2017

Stop GMO 2

Play Stop GMO 2 online for free on Very Good Games
for Windows & Mac

Dreadful genetically modified vegetables tried to run from the rabbit-warrior to deepest dungeons. But the hero of this shooter game has found them! He takes firearms and begins the new chapter of his war against GMO monsters. Assume the control of the brave rabbit, help him avoid contacts with enemies, collect weapons and coins, kill every of GMO creatures!

The first part of this free online game is also available on Very Good Games!

A screenshot from the shooting game with animals-mutants - Stop GMO. Play it online for free on the cool gaming blog Very Good Games

To shoot dangerous enemies from a safe distance, play Zombudoy shooter!

A screenshot from the shooter with zombies Zombudoy - play the game free online on the blog for gamers Very Good Games