Jan 10, 2017

Burrito Bison

Burrito Bison game screenshot
for Windows & Mac

Gummy bears have a very weird attitude to entertainments – they kidnap mighty creatures and force them to fight in the arena. This time, the bears make a mistake! They got a powerful enemy when kidnapped Burrito Bison. This amazing beast will not follow the rules of the bears’ cruel game. He jumps on the gummy creatures and crushes them. Help Bison jump as far as possible! The game’s goal is flying out from the bears’ country. By killing his foes, Bison earns money for upgrades. Use them cleverly, activate different abilities during the flight, and try to free Burrito Bison!

The mission of the game hero continues in the sequel! Do you want to know why Bison returns to the land of the gummy bears? Discover this in the Burrito Bison Revenge game!

Play online Burrito Bison Revenge