Jan 7, 2017

Cactus McCoy 2

Cactus McCoy 2 game screenshot
for Windows & Mac

In his search for amazing treasures, Cactus McCoy has found a new friend and new adventures. The girl with magic wings saves the hero’s life, but cruel enemies kidnap her, trying to find the unique ancient artifact using her help. The power of friendship makes the guy forget all the dangers and rush to help the girl. Cactus McCoy will explore a lot of locations, made in style of Wild West, battle against mighty gangsters, collect precious objects… In an interesting way, the game combines a platformer, a fighting, and a shooter.

Do you know how McCoy became a cactus? It happened at the first game of the series – play it free on Very Good Games!

A screenshot from the adventure game Cactus McCoy - free platformer-shooter, play it on the gaming blog Very Good Games

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