Jan 7, 2017

How to play Minecraft. The second day

Minecraft game screenshot
When the sun appears on the virtual sky, all kinds of monsters disappear and the Minecraft location becomes almost safe for your character. So it is no need to hide more in a cave! At the daytime will be much better to walk around and to collect some useful materials, such as wood, sand or food.

You can even go far away from the first cave and forget about it. If you somehow don’t like the place, it will be more interesting to find a really attractive one in the game. Maybe your cave isn’t rich in good materials and you want to find an abandoned mine or a ready quarry in mountains? Minecraft worlds are full of such places, where you can go deep into the ground without digging it. So, maybe it is better to look for them around your first night place, than spend time making a cave by yourself? Especially in the free Minecraft demo, where you have only five game days!

Another interesting thing, worth to find in Minecraft locations, is a village. Humans with big noses are living there. They have cozy houses, wheat and vegetable fields, some materials in hidden chests… Searching a village may take a lot of time and you will need some luck in this process. So better don’t search exactly a village, but explore a territory and be happy with anything that you will find.

If in the first Minecraft night you were in a good place and don’t want to lose it, mark it to see it from distance. A tower of stone blocks with torches on the top will be good for this task. Or you can make a beautiful high arch at the entrance of a cave. In a building process be creative. Imagine something and then make it! And remember about time – the larger a structure, the more time you will build it. Before start to build, think how you will use it and hence also about a process of making it. For example, you will have to go down from the tower safely, because a fall from a height mean for the character losing hearts of health. He may even die! How you will do this?

Building a tower or an arch will be good activity even if you do not like the first cave: maybe after walking around you will understand, that near there isn’t any better place, and will decide return to the cave. Without a mark it may be difficult.

By the way, building something with virtual blocks is very interesting activity, and many gamers play Minecraft only to do it. It is the easy process - you will quickly master it. In your inventory you already have a lot of blocks. Use them at building! If you don’t see them in the lower game menu, just open the inventory window by pushing the E button – if all cells of the lower game menu are full, new collected materials will fall into empty inventory cells. Empty some “active cells” in the lower game menu and with the mouse cursor put there building materials.

Minecraft game screenshot - inventory

Take block in the hand by pushing one of the 1-9 buttons and then put it on a chosen place with the right mouse button. Don’t be in hurry – enjoy a building process and let your creativity blossom in an amazing object!

Minecraft game screenshot - Steve on a tower

Minecraft game screenshot - tourches on a tower

Minecraft game screenshot - a tower

If you have time before the night darkness, don’t waste it: walk around, search interesting places and collect by the way useful stuff. It will be good to have some wood for a future crafting process. Sand also will be good – you can smelt glass from it in a furnace.

Minecraft game screenshot - an evening

It’s getting dark? Avoid staying outside after sunset, hide quickly from monsters in your old or new cave! Here your second day is over. Read what to do further in our tutorial "How to play Minecraft free. The second night".

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