Jan 1, 2017

Dibbles Xmas

Dibbles Xmas game screenshot
for Windows & Mac

In a cold winter, cute little creatures Dibbles need to walk to a warm shelter and hide there, but the way is hard and dangerous. These tiny people are ready to sacrifice themselves for their friends and for their king: some of Dibbles should become a ladder, or a platform, or a bonfire, or a cover on a mortal obstacle, to allow the others make their way to a safe place. In the game, you choose what Dibbles will do, putting different command blocks in virtual locations. Think properly to avoid unneeded deaths and to save the king. Make Christmas for the creatures as merry as possible!

And are you ready to save another one virtual guy from winter frost? Check your gaming skills in Wake Up the Box 5 on the Very Good Games blog!

A screenshot from the free online game Wake Up the Box 5 - for Mac and PC