Jan 1, 2017

Is Minecraft really one of the best games in the world? Let’s check

Millions of gamers play this unique game and become passionate fans of it. Why it happens?

While most of the modern games propose to us a strict story-line with just few possibilities to influence on destinies of game characters and on evolutions of virtual worlds, the original Minecraft gives no story at all – do whatever you want to do and with any means you like to use.

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 Somewhere in this blocky-world lives a mighty Dragon. Legends about him are in the air, but no one forces you to push your hero to hunt for that creature in the mystical dimension of Ender. Who likes the prospects of the development of powerful weapons and participating bloody battles, can do it. And at the same time, who prefer a non-violence life in a simple farm also can implement their fantasies. This freedom is so vast, that someone may be confused. It’s like an amazing travel to another unpredictable world, where you have no rules to follow, no authorities to obey.

A screenshot with beautiful sunset from the Minecraft game

Creativity is the big part of the human personality – we try to bring a new wave in almost every of our activities. But in the real life for some sorts of creativity is necessary to use a lot of resources, such as money, and spend many hours of precious time. It is not possible for most people to make quickly their own castle or to create a city. But these tasks easy perform in the Minecraft world! And even more – in the game you’ll have many different tools and incredible variety of blocks. With them is possible to create almost everything – you just have to imagine something and then understand how to make it.

Our blog helps you to see in Minecraft a lot of amazing possibilities of this wonderful and unpredictability virtual reality. But before the start of Minecraft gaming you need… to install the game. Our tutorial gives clear explanation of this process.

A screenshot for the tutorial series How to play Minecraft on the gaming blog Very Good Games

Welcome to the magic of freedom and creativity! 

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