Jan 2, 2017

Earn to die

Earn to die gameplay
In the middle of a zombie apocalypse, the guy has only one chance to survive – run away to a safe place as fast as possible. The hero of the game has spotted a rescue helicopter. It is so far away, that it will be impossible to reach the goal without a car. In the game, gamers help the guy to drive through crowds of zombies, destroying their bodies by wheels, spikes, and a powerful machine gun. But at the start of the mission, the car can move only on a very short distance. With every try, you earn money and buy useful stuff in the virtual shop. And only after many updates and even a few changes of the car, the game hero will be saved.

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To play Earn to die on Android or iOS devices, install it from an appropriate marketplace:


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The guy will face other troubles with zombie! But it happens later, in the sequel Earn to die 2012!

A screenshot from the free online game with zombies Earn to die 2012

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