Jan 5, 2017

Epic Rail

Epic Rail game screenshot
for Windows & Mac

Railways in the virtual world are tangled in a complicated web. And a lot of trains move on it, delivering passengers and cargos to stations. In the game, you control the whole system of railways, changing directions on junctions to prevent crashes and make every train safely go past his stations. The colors of the coaches match the colors of the stations, which they have to visit. This train driving game is a bit similar to brain teasers, because gamers should think about many things at the same time…

Many game heroes like traveling. And not all of them use transport. A cat, for example, may need only food to visit different places of the world. And if you will activate the savvy, you will feed the tailed cutie – play Cat around Africa on the Very Good Games blog!

A screenshot from the free fun puzzle game Cat around Africa - play in on the gaming blog Very Good Games