Jan 5, 2017

How to play Minecraft. The first day

Minecraft game screenshot
It’s fun and useful to wander through the Demo world before you buy Minecraft. You can do it free after downloading the game. This world exists only five gaming days (about 1 hour and 40 minutes of the real time), and for this reason instead of build large constructions at this time will be better to look around the virtual world and master the basic methods of interaction with it. Our starting Minecraft overview – Is the series of tutorials that show our view on what to do in the Demo world of Minecraft.

How long is a day in Minecraft?

The alternation of day and night in the virtual world of Minecraft happens much more often than in the reality. The day-night cycle in the game is 20 minutes in the real world – 10 minutes of a day and 10 minutes of a night.

But at the same time Minecraft is an unhurried and calm game. The world here is huge; the main character has unlimited quantity of lives… That is why during the five days of the demo session is better to relax and look around: explore the place, where your virtual hero was spawned, and find out, what he can do here.

The world of blocks

In Minecraft locations everything is made of virtual blocks. They are different from each other not only by the outer view, but also by their characteristics. Because the variety of blocks is enormous, we will figure out with most of them in the game process. For beginning look around and try to walk on the virtuality. Mouse movements change a game view. WASD keys move Minecraft hero. The spacebar activates the jump – without it will be not possible to climb on hills (or you can activate the auto-jump in the options menu). You can also see "yourself" - F5 button changes the point of view. A look from the back of the "first-person" and a look in his face also exist.

Minecraft game screenshot - game character

Since we are not in a hurry we can freely explore an area around the place of “spawn” – this word means in Minecraft the appearance of the character or of a virtual creature in the game world. At the beginning of the Minecraft demo game you’ll get a chest with some useful stuff. Look for the chest before to go somewhere far away. Inside it you can find valuable tools and blocks. Torches around the chest also are very useful.

Minecraft game screenshot - bonus chest

Click on the chest with the right mouse button to open it. Take things into your inventory with the mouse cursor.

Minecraft game screenshot - inside of a bonus chest

Minecraft free demo has a lot kinds of blocks. The game character can destroy them to cleanse a space or to take a block. The same works with all other game objects. You can do this with the left mouse button. Try with the chest and the torches – they become small blocks after destroying. Come close to them and they will move into your inventory.

Minecraft game screenshot - collect a chest

You can take blocks and other things from the inventory in your virtual hand to use them in every possible way. Available items are displayed in the lower menu. To select some of them you should push buttons with numbers from 1 to 9.

Now it’s time to go on a pleasant walk around a location – go wherever you want!

Prepare for the night!

Walking through the Minecraft world, you should remember: the free Minecraft game proposes only the survival mode. This means that with the beginning of a night all sorts of monsters will crawl out. You have to think about basic security and about a shelter for the night to not die in darkness. Did you find a pickaxe in the chest? It is the best for digging. Use for this process the left mouse click.

Before darkness comes it is necessary to stock up with the material available only in the open air – with the wood. Destroy trunks of trees and collect falling blocks. Take care of a next generation of plants! Destroying the crowns of trees, sometimes you’ll knock seedlings. Gather from a tree at least one sprout, take it in the hand of your hero and make right-click on an empty ground. The seedling is planted and the tree begin to grow!

Minecraft game screenshot - collecting wood

Minecraft game screenshot - birch and oak trees

Minecraft game screenshot - a sapling

After taking the wood you should find a suitable place for a small cave. Prepare it and put a torch on a wall to make light inside. To do this, select a torch in the inventory and make right-click on the wall.

Be careful with already made caves, which you will often find in the demo world! In their darkness awful monsters may hide. The game character is not ready yet for meeting with zombies, skeletons and other horrible creatures. So if you see an open entrance to a dungeon and hear an aggressive roar, better block the entrance with stone or dirt blocks, placing them with the right mouse button. Or go away from the dangerous place to find something more suitable for safe overnight stay. 

Minecraft game screenshot - the rising Moon

Close the entrance of your cave with blocks when a night begins. You can leave a small window, one block size, to listen sounds of monsters and maybe even to see some of them.

Minecraft game screenshot - evening in a cave

What to do in case of death?

The Minecraft world is full of dangerous creatures, which with hard persistence try to kill the game hero. Also here and there you can find deep large dips, and it is not always possible to prevent falling in them. These and some other situations may end with the death of the Minecraft character. But the game doesn’t stop for this reason! 

It is your choice – to re-spawn the hero or to begin the five game days from the very start. The hero may lose all tools and materials, which he has collected, but if you re-spawn him at the same world, where he began the game, the hero can go to the place of the death and, if he’ll do this fast enough, can find everything on the ground and collect it. 

With hiding in a cave your first game day will be finished. At the night you can do many other things. Read about this in the tutorial "How to play Minecraft free. The first night"!

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