Jan 22, 2017

Fruita Swipe

Fruita Swipe screenshot
In this interesting brain teaser, we should activate our observation skills and look for long chains of the same fruits. If to draw a line between identical apples, oranges, grapes, and other delicious goodies, they disappear from the screen, giving bonus points to the game account. At every level, a particular goal should be reached. For example, to enter the next level we have to include an indicated number of apples in chains. Slowly, game tasks become harder, but special artifacts help to perform them. For example, there are bombs that explode in a particular direction or in a few cells around. If a level has been finished with a nice result, you will get three golden stars in it.

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Fruits may be found in many cool mini games. Sometimes players don’t collect them but cut them. Such a mission is proposed by the Fruit Break arcade.

A game with smashing fruits - Fruit Break. Play on Windows and Apple computers, on smartphones and tablets