Jan 22, 2017

Jigsaw Puzzle Classic

Jigsaw Puzzle Classic game screenshot
In this virtual version of jigsaw puzzles, pictures fall apart into many small pieces, and players try to put them together, re-making the starter images. Observation is needed to perform the task successfully. And patience will be useful for connecting pieces and looking for similar parts of a picture. We have a big set of available images here, but they are blocked from the beginning. Assemble the first one picture, earn bonus coins, and spend virtual money on unblocking a new image. Try your skills in three levels of difficulty: 25, 49, or 100 pieces.

Jigsaw Puzzle Classic play free

Another kind of interesting puzzle is proposed by matching games. For example, in Fruita Swipe we look for chains of three or more identical fruits and draw lines between them. Play the game on Very Good Games!

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