Jan 14, 2017


GatherX game screenshot
for Windows & Mac

Evil giants want to come down to the Earth and conquer it. They live on clouds and wait when the magic bean becomes the giant plant. It’s just luckiness, that the son of Jack from the famous tale has seen the bean plant when it was young! He is ready to break the giants’ way down but to do so he must work very hard and strike the plant by an axe 1 million times. In the game, will be better to use not only virtual muscles but also the real brains! Click to work by the axe, or to catch fish, or to collect precious ore. Use fish to restore energy, sell ore to get money for upgrades, buy useful improvements and hire workers to produce axe’s strikes fast and even without clicking!

While Jack’s son works to save humanity, other game heroes work to earn money. And you can help them do this really successfully, becoming a leader of a huge virtual company in the Corporation Inc. game on Very Good Games!

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