Jan 13, 2017

How to play Minecraft. The fifth night

Minecraft game screenshot
Many different monsters live in the Minecraft virtuality. One way or another you’ll meet them and will be better to know what they are and how to protect your character from them. After the last fifth day of the free Demo game, the last night begins. And it is a good time for meeting with monsters – after all, this tutorial series helps you gain game experience to know how to play Minecraft in its full version.

All types of aggressive mobs prefer live in the darkness. They spawn at nighttime everywhere in the above-ground world – that’s why so hard to stay alive there at nights. Also monsters hide in abandoned mines and deep dungeons. So to go there without armor and weapons is the very risky adventure.

Among all the Minecraft monsters the most common are spiders, zombies, skeletons and creepers.

The spiders could be aggressive and not. It depends on the light level around them. In bright locations spiders remain neutral to your hero until he attacks them. In dark places spiders begin follow the game character. They can climb on walls and run really fast. But they are big and can’t go through the hole with a width of 1 block. 

Unique cave spiders also exist. You can meet them in mines and dungeons. They are smaller and can poison the hero.

Killing the spiders you have chance to collect strings and spider eyes.

Minecraft zombies always are hostile mobs. There are not only usual zombies in the game, but also baby zombies and villager zombies. They look different, but are the same aggressive creatures. They don’t have any special abilities and just try to kill the hero, coming close to him. Better run away from them or kill them. Dead zombies drop a rotten flesh and rarely iron ingots, potatoes and carrots. 

Minecraft game screenshot - a zombie in a dungeon

Minecraft game screenshot - a baby zombie

The skeletons are really dangerous, because they have bows and shoot arrows in the game character. To protect from them will be better to wear armor. When a skeleton attack begins you may hide fast in a save place or find the bony creature and kill it as soon as possible. The bow is the good weapon against skeletons, because you may attack them from a distance. Skeletons drop very useful things after their death: bones and arrows.

Minecraft game screenshot - a skeleton

The creepers are awful creatures. They make no sounds creeping to the game character and suddenly explode when touch him. A creeper can kill your hero and destroy a lot of blocks near him – even if it was a nice house. To kill a creeper, keep it on a distance. Better use a bow. Or make fast attacks with a sword to push a creeper away. After killing him you may find gunpowder. 

Minecraft game screenshot - a creeper

Knowing the monsters you have good chances to survive when meet them. Better your knowledge will be not only theoretical, but also practical. At the fifth night of the free Minecraft Demo you may go outside from your shelter and watch around. If you have a sword, try to battle with a monster. If you have an armor, try to delve into the darkness. But don’t go too far from a safe place – there are so many monsters at the night! You may need to save the hero life running back to a shelter. Don’t risk too much, especially if you don’t have the bed or didn’t sleep on it yet – in such a case the hero will be respawned far away from the safety and it will be very hard to survive till the dawn.

Another way to meet monsters – come to a dungeon. It should be a ready hollow in the blocky ground. You may find such a place near mountains or in your own mine. Roaring or hissing sounds will inform you about close zombies or spiders. In dungeons you’ll meet not so much monsters as outside at the nighttime. So it will be safer battle. And you may light the place with torches to prevent new monsters spawn there.

Minecraft game screenshot - a dungeon

The fifth night of the Demo game is the really good time for a battle with hostile mobs, but it isn’t necessary to do so. If you don’t feel like a warrior, just continue dig a mine, make underground halls and collect precious materials on the way.

Time flies like an arrow, and with the dawn the five amazing free Minecraft Demo days will be finished. You may stay in the location and even walk in it, but your character will be like a ghost – can see everything and can’t do anything. Also you may reset the Demo world and begin the five days from the very start.

Minecraft tutorial series on the Very Good Games blog

What to do, if you like Minecraft very much? Of course, install the full version and continue play the game! Only in the full version of Minecraft you can continue to stay in the place, which you developed in the Demo world, enjoying newest updates and modes (also you can make a new one – it will be only your choice). How to buy the license and how to create a Minecraft account, read in the tutorials “How to register a Minecraft account” and “How to download and install Minecraft”.

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