Jan 11, 2017

How to play Minecraft. The fourth night

Minecraft game screenshot
As we know, the Minecraft character can eat apples, taken from oak trees. And in the fourth night of the free Demo game we’ll make for him another delicious food – bread or cakes.

Have you got from the fields as minimum three pieces of wheat at the previous game day? Bread can be made from them on the crafting table. The recipe of Minecraft bread is:

Minecraft recipes - a bread

If you have collected milk, eggs and sugarcane, you have all ingredients for a cake. For its crafting you have to make sugar. Use this recipe:

Minecraft recipes - sugar

By the way, do you know that the sugar is dreadfully dangerous thing in the real world? Because it’s sweet, with it almost all food became tasty, but sugar is not natural – it made in chemical factories from plants with toxic substances. Lovers of sugar usually become fatty and often get sick. Many of them die early.

But the hero of Minecraft can be careless about harmfulness of sugar – he lives in the virtual world, after all. So with milk, wheat and sugar you can craft sweet cakes for him. If you have all the ingredients for cooking, do this at the beginning of the night. The recipe is:

Minecraft recipes - a cake

In the Minecraft world, as well as in the real world, food intake without needing, just for fun, is senselessly. If you eat with no hunger in the real world, almost all excess food turns into the fat of your body. In the game, if your hero eat when the satiety level is full, he just wasting a food (thanks goodness, his body can not stock up its own fat). So in the game better keep this valuable resource in the inventory to eat when it’ll be really necessary, and in the real life better keep self-control and do not shove a food in yourself like a pig, even if your mother will ask you to do it! Often humans, especially people who close to you, do something wrong and want the same from you. If you love them, help them – tell about sugar, for example, or about harmfulness of the gluttony.

Okay, let’s continue our gaming. When the cake will be ready, feed your character with it, if he is hungry. Do you remember how to do this? It’s the same process as eating apples – just hold the right mouse button pushed with the cake or bread in the hand. This way the Minecraft hero can also drink milk. Milk won’t feed the character, but it is very useful in the full Minecraft game – it neutralizes any status effect, for example from potion.

When the Minecraft feast will be finished, continue build your cave. Is your underground hall ready? Has it enough light in it? Did you finish the tunnel for the second exit? If no, do this! If yes, begin to dig one more tunnel. Not upwards, but downwards, to the deeps of the blocky world. You can find more coal and iron there. Maybe you’ll meet deposits of gold or diamonds! These materials can be used in different ways – for example, for crafting armor, tools and weapons. Diamond things are really strong. Golden tools and armor have good view but aren’t as effective as iron ones.

Gold and diamonds are rare in the Minecraft world. To obtain diamonds or gold from an appropriate ore block you should destroy it with an iron or diamond pickaxe. To use gold in a crafting process, you have to smelt it in a furnace. This gives gold ingots.

Minecraft recipes - gold ingots

To make tools, armor and weapons from gold or diamonds use the same recipes as for iron (or stone etc.) ones, changing iron (or stone, etc.) to gold or diamonds. How to craft armor, weapons and tools in Minecraft, we already told in the tutorials “How to play Minecraft free. The first night” and “How to play Minecraft free. The second night”. 

For example, the recipe of the diamond pickaxe is:

Minecraft recipes - a diamond pickaxe

To make the diamond sword put the stuff to the crafting cells as shown on the picture:

Minecraft recipes - a diamond sword

The recipes of the golden helmet is:

Minecraft recipes - a golden helmet

Spending of all the night on digging is very hardcore action, isn’t it? Let’s care about recreation of our hero! Have you got three pieces of wool? When remains near three minutes before the dawn go to the crafting table to make the bed. The recipe is:

Minecraft recipes - a bed

As we have already said in the tutorial “How to play Minecraft free. The first night”, the bed is needed not only to skip a night time at the full version of the Minecraft game, but also to make a new spawn place. If the character will die, he may respawn at the place where the game was begun or near the bed on which he slept last time.

So craft the bed and put it near a chest in your hall. Then come closely and tap it with the right mouse button. If there is still the night outside, you will see the process of falling asleep and then will find your character in the same place, but at the morning time.

Minecraft screenshot - a bed

The risk of dying exists almost everywhere in the Minecraft world, and will be much better to continue the game in your safe cave or house, having the reserve of blocks, tools, armor and weapons in a chest.

Minecraft screenshot - a spider

The fifth day will be last in the Minecraft Demo. But it can be not the end of the game if you decide to continue playing in the full version of Minecraft. Read what you may to do during these ten minutes in the tutorial “How to play Minecraft free. The fifth day”.

minecraft tutorials for beginners

And if you didn’t begin this Minecraft tutorial series from the very first day we recommend to do so – it contains a lot of interesting and useful information about the game!

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