Jan 11, 2017

Kung Fu Grandpa

Kung Fu Grandpa gameplay
for Windows & Mac

An old man has become so angry with different punks, that he goes on the city’s street and begins to fight against every gangster he met on his way. They try to attack Grandpa, but the hero of the game knows Kung Fu and really can protect himself! He uses punches, kicks, and even power attacks, which ask for special energy. To gather it, Grandpa collects energy drinks, dropped by defeated enemies. Also, he takes money to buy upgrades and prepare for fights against more powerful foes and even mighty bosses.

When a game hero has zombies as his enemies, it is better for him to use not Kung Fu but firearms to kill all the monsters around. Such a mission you can find in Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare. Play as Santa-warrior on the Very Good Games blog!

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