Jan 9, 2017

How to play Minecraft. The third day

Minecraft game screenshot
It’s not possible in Minecraft to follow any game tutorials strictly – often they are just examples of a playing process. You may meet unexpected circumstances, when strong tools and mighty armor will be very helpful, so it’s very good, if in a mine, you’ve made for nightly hidings, you’ve found deposits of rarely minerals like iron ore. But also during several nights you may have found only simple blocks, like cobblestone and sand. Minecraft grounds are vast and you’ll need a bit of luck to dig your mines in a right place and in a right direction.

Be creative and ready for any changes in the game! If you’ve found enough iron and made full armor for your character in the second night of the free Minecraft Demo – it is very good! If you have iron ingots only for one pickaxe – it is also good! Play with materials you already have, and don’t sit in a mine at the third day only to finish crafting – go outside to see the beautiful sun, trees, animals, mountains, and to explore miracles of the above-ground world.

You may finish crafting and another interesting tasks in the further game process: if you’ll have the Minecraft license, the Minecraft free Demo saves your world and you’ll may continue to stay there even after five game days will be over.

But now the exciting third day waits for us. What to do during these ten minutes? Look at the lower game menu. There are active cells of your inventory, hearts of health and the food scale

Minecraft lower menu

Playing the Minecraft survival mode, you have to care about the satiety of the game hero. With the passing of time the scale of food will decrease, and after reaching zero level your character will be dead. To prevent it walk around the night place and find some food! For vegetarians the best way to do this is to take apples from trees and to make wheat fields. Of course, you can kill animals and then fry their meat in a furnace. But we are gamers, who prefer vegetarian food and do the cruel attacks on cute rabbits, funny chickens and harmless cows only when we have no other way to eat.

How to grow wheat in Minecraft?

In the virtual world a farm process is very easy and interesting. And very useful indeed! You will get a lot of wheat even from a small field and make a tasty nutritious breads and cakes after harvest. 

To begin farming you need a special tool – a hoe. Like the other tools it can be made from different materials, such as wood, stone, iron etc. Better don’t waste iron for the hoe and make the stone tool. It will be enough strong and effective. 

So go to your crafting table and make the hoe. The recipe is:

You need seeds for farming. They are hiding inside of tall grass blocks – it is easy to find them in locations of the Demo game. 

Minecraft game screenshot - the tall grass

To destroy grass blocks for dropping the seeds use any tool you like – an axe or a pickaxe, for example. You can destroy them even with the bare hand. A chance of dropping the seeds is not very high, but Minecraft locations are full with large clusters of the tall grass, which can be destroyed very quickly, so you will collect the seeds soon enough. Don’t spend too much time for searching the seeds – even three units will be good for the free Minecraft Demo. 

Minecraft game screenshot - seeds of weat

So, seeds at our service, and then we’ll make a farmland. It should be placed on dirt blocks adjoining to the water. You can make a narrow ditch, which connect a nearest pond and a farmland. Take the seeds in the hand and plant them on the farmland with the right click. After a while wheat will grow and mature.

Minecraft game screenshot - farmland

You can destroy a field of not matured wheat and get seeds back, but in this case you’ll not get wheat. 

Don’t step on farmlands: they may become not suitable for wheat growing! In such a way mobs also can ruin your fields. To prevent entry of animals and monsters on fields, surround a farm with fence: they cannot jump over it. To craft a fence use sticks and any kind of wooden planks. The recipe is:

Wheat grows good with a high level of the light. To let it grow in the dark you may surround fields with torches. Also they scare monsters of the darkness.

Minecraft game screenshot - growing wheat

Minecraft game screenshot - a wheat farm

Oh! Making fields we forgot about hunger! Let’s eat apples!

How to find apples in Minecraft?

In many aspects the Minecraft game is very similar to our world. But at the same time it has a lot of differences. For example, apples don’t grow at an apple tree in the blocky virtuality. You can collect them from a… oak tree! Destroying its leaves. 

In the third day of the free Minecraft Demo, after planting wheat, walk around your cave and look for oaks. It will be easy to find them. These are the oak trees:

Minecraft game screenshot - oak trees

Take an axe in the hand and begin to destroy leaves blocks. Be patient and after some time you will see an apple falling down. The chance of dropping an apple from an oak tree is big, but maybe you will need some time to find this delicious fruit.

Pick up a fallen apple. To eat the fruit take it in the hand and then click the right mouse button. This process increases the food scale.
Minecraft game screenshot - eating an apple

Collect several apples (after eating an apple your hero will be hungry soon) and take care about oak trees: it is unfair just use them and do nothing for them. Plant oaks in any good place with seedlings, fallen from the leaves blocks. In such a way you can make a new virtual forest!

Before going in a cave for the night hiding, check your fields. Maybe the wheat is ready? Collect it, if yes, but don’t forget about nighttime monsters! Look: while we were enjoying the apple and the nice evening, the creeper crept up! 

Minecraft game screenshot - evening

A night invite us to the underworld, and tutorial “How to play Minecraft free. The third night” on the Very Good Games will tell you about our adventures.
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