Jan 8, 2017

How to play Minecraft. The second night

Minecraft game screenshot - wearing iron armor
Darkness is very dangerous in the Minecraft game, because aggressive mobs automatically appear in it. The game developers made this as the rule – creepers, zombies and skeletons are generated, when the illumination is reduced to the level specified in the program. To protect the game character from monsters, you have to light the space around him very well and hide him in a closed room to prevent attacks from the darkness.

If at the sunset of the second game day you’ll return to your first cave, just hide in it, like you did before. If you traveled all the daytime and in the evening have found yourself in an unknown place, make a new cave as fast as possible. 

It is so easy to light Minecraft locations with torches, but you need to have them in enough quantity. Take care of this and first of all make more torches at the second night of the free Minecraft Demo. Do you have sticks for this? Have you found enough coal? Do you have wood to make charcoal as a last resort?

When days are good for exploring the above-ground world, nights are good for exploration of the underground world. Dig tunnels in your mine and illuminate them to see all around you clearly. Step by step go deeper. This method gives more chances to find useful materials, such as coal, iron, gold and diamonds

Take care about your tools. It is much better to make mines using the stone pickaxe then with the wooden one. Stone tools work longer and destroy blocks faster. Use your wooden tools and finish them as fast as possible to not occupy the limited place in the inventory, and then change them with stone analogs. Before going into a deep mine put a crafting table into a free inventory cell to have it always with you, or be sure you have two or three pickaxes – it takes a lot of time to come back to a crafting table and create a new tool.

If you have found iron ore, collect the blocks to make more effective iron tools

Minecraft game screenshot - a block of iron ore

Minecraft game screenshot - deposit of iron ore

Minecraft game screenshot - collecring iron ore

How to craft iron tools in Minecraft?

Iron tools have similar recipes like wooden and stone ones. The only difference is in using iron ingots instead of wooden planks or cobblestone blocks. But you can’t find iron ingots in caves or mines. It’s possible to collect there only blocks of iron ore. How to get iron ingots in Minecraft? Use a furnace to smelt iron ore into ingots!

Minecraft game screenshot - smelting iron ingots

The smelting recipe of iron ingots is:

Minecraft recipes - smelting iron ingots

The recipes of the iron pickaxe, shovel and axe are:

Minecraft recipes - an iron pickaxe

Minecraft recipes - an iron shovel

Minecraft recipes - an iron axe

How to craft iron armor in Minecraft?

After finding in your mine a deposit of iron ore and smelting collected blocks into ingots, you can make a good protection for your character – iron armor. Armor contains four types of items: a helmet, a chestplate, leggings and boots.

There are different kinds of armor in the Minecraft game, with different levels of protection. To make leather armor you have to kill cute cows, horses or rabbits – it’s a very cruel process… Considering that items made from animal’s leather are weakest, maybe better to walk around in Minecraft locations with no armor at all to search more effective materials? You can make armor even from gold or diamonds! Iron armor is also good – it gives a really strong protection (is nearly twice as good as leather) and remains unbroken for a long time. Only diamond armor can give a better result, but diamonds are very precious, and to mine them is not an easy process – it’s not for the free Minecraft Demo.

So, in the second game night you better try to find iron ore, smelt iron ingots and craft iron armor.

A helmet recipe is:

Minecraft recipes - an iron helmet

A chestplate recipe is: 

Minecraft recipes - an iron chesplate

Leggings recipe is:

Minecraft recipes - iron leggins

Boots recipe is:

Minecraft recipes - iron boots

The Minecraft armor will protect the game hero from different injures, such as falling from a height or mobs attacks. It doesn’t prevent loss of health hearts, but make the hero stronger – he can withstand more arrows of skeletons or bites of zombies. All armor items may receive damages and may be destroyed after a while.

To begin wear the armor, open the inventory and put armor items into the corresponding cells – in the left side from picture of your hero.

Minecraft game screenshot - iron armor on a character

How to make weaponry in Minecraft

Only you will choose what to do in the game and decide to have weapons or not. Some players try to avoid battles and killings; others on the contrary look for monsters to begin fight with them. With a sword or a bow attacks on mobs will be more effective. Weapons give a better possibility to protect your character at nights and in dungeons. 

Playing the second night of the free Minecraft Demo, you can craft swords. Like armor and tools, they may be made from different materials: wooden planks, cobblestones, iron ingots, gold ingots and diamonds. The iron sword is very effective and durable, so let’s make it! The recipe is:

Minecraft recipes - an iron sword

During crafting and prospecting for minerals you may not notice how the time passes – so interesting are these processes! So for not to miss a day check sometime the clock on the upper right corner of the game window – the second night of the free Minecraft Demo will be finished when left 60 minutes of the game. It is dawn already? It is time to go outside a cave and to continue exploring the above-ground world! Read about this in our next tutorial “How to play Minecraft free. The third day”.

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