Jan 23, 2017

Mandala Coloring Book

Mandala Coloring Book - an example of the drawings
This game contains a lot of beautiful black-and-white pictures, made in a unique style. All of them have many details, which can be colored by simple clicks or taps. The style of these pictures is called “Mandala”, but of course those flowers, butterflies, and birds have nothing to do with real mandalas, the spiritual symbols. In the game, gamers will find a nice set of colors. In fact, it copies palettes of professional image editors, so almost any color can be picked from it. This handy tool and the number of cool pictures make this online coloring game a really interesting one!

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Mandala coloring book online

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The coloring of these “mandalas” can even help to relax. Jigsaw puzzles are capable of doing the same! Also, they train our observation skill. Enjoy the amazing Jigsaw Puzzle Classic game on the Very Good Games blog!

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Lots af amazing things can be made in Minecraft. Do you know about the creative mode in this game? You have any block in any quantity and can build with them anything you want to build. Here is Minecraft tutorial abaout game modes:

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Interesting way to be creative proposes the game No Man's Sky - players appear in the huge virtual Universe and decide what to do - build, explore, battle... Here is an article about interesting updates of No Man's Sky, which make the game really interesting:

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