Jan 22, 2017

Super Mario Run – a legendary hero on iOS and Android devices

Release of Super Mario Run for iOS and Android
He is one of the most recognizable and favorite game characters ever made. He is a real legend, and games with him deservedly became mega-successful bestsellers. He is Mario, the hero of cool platformers and games of other genres, the rescuer of the princess Peach, the mascot of Nintendo… And now he has made a significant step in his career – for the first time a Mario game is officially available not on Nintendo consoles but on quite common mobile devices. The Super Mario Run game has been released for iPhones in December 2016! And Nintendo didn’t stop on this – they have announced the release of the game for Android device. It will happen somewhere in March 2017.

So, what is Super Mario Run? It is a fun platformer, in which the hero runs automatically. To avoid obstacles on his way, players should perform different moves by their fingers – from a simple tap to some tricky actions. Six worlds to clear from evil creatures, Bowser to defeat, Peach to rescue, coins to collect, and even a kingdom to build – all these wait for gamers in Super Mario Run.

The game is not a free one, so. We have to pay $10 for full adventures on iOS. The page of the game on App Store is here!

A button for downloading the Super Mario Run game to smartphones and tables from Apple - iPhone, iPad        A button for downloading the Super Mario Run game to Android smartphones and tables

Another one legendary game hero is also available on smartphones. It is Sonic, and the running game with him is free for iOS, Android, and Windows. Our review of Sonic Dash game is in developing at the moment!

Subway Surfers - super duper running game for smartphones and tablets.

A banner for the revies of Subway Surfers - running game for Android tablets and smartphones, for iPads and iPhones