Jan 31, 2017

Is Nintendo Switch really a nice device for gamers?

Nintendo Switch presentation
As it was promised by Nintendo, more information has been revealed about their new game console, named Nintendo Switch. The presentation took place at 13th of January, but still the device is not ready for selling – it will be available only after 3rd of March. Now we know the price, which is nearly 300$, and many details about Switch. 

So, has Nintendo prepared something really interesting for gamers? Let’s figure it out!

The best thing in this console is its “hybridity”. Switch is a stationary and a portable device at the same time. We can play near a TV set, we can take the console with us for a walk and even for a long travel to continue play same games, and we can charge Switch even during playing in the tablet mode.

Tablet mode of Nintendo Switch

For gamers, who like to play not alone but in a friendly company, this console is especially interesting – small Joy Cons gamepads are amazing for playing by two on one device. You can easily take Switch with you for having fun on a meeting with a friend. Also, few consoles can be connected to each other for multiplayer games. It’s really nice!

As all the game consoles of Nintendo, Switch gives a really cool advantage – future owners may play all the brilliant games, made by the Japanese company. New adventures of Mario, Link from the world of Zelda, and other famous characters wait for us! Nintendo is one of the best game developers and only for this it is worth to buy their new console.

But for some its features, Switch loses in comparison with main competitors on the market: Xbox One S and the Project Scorpio from Microsoft, PlayStation 4 Slim and Pro from Sony. It’s the specifications, which evidently lower in the Nintendo’s creation.

Moreover, some smart gamers may ask – why to buy a special game device, if it has a smaller screen and lower characteristics than some tablets? Why to pay a few hundred bucks, if I can use an emulator on my PC to play Nintendo games? Only the experience of real using can give an answer! Maybe the convenience of Joy Cons and the nice set of available games will make Nintendo Switch really better than not specifically gaming devices? Or something else?

Characteristics of Nintendo Switch

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