Feb 1, 2017

What are seeds and biomes in Minecraft?

Minecrafr sreenshot
As the real world, the blocky virtuality of Minecraft has various types of landscapes. In one place, the game hero can meet high mountains with snowy peaks. In another, he enters a sandy desert with huge cactuses. Even during travels on one map, we can see different forms of nature because they change each other without gaps. Such zones are called “biomes”, and there are really a lot of them in the Minecraft game.

Biomes are tightly connected to seeds, which are codes made of letters or numbers that allow players beginning the game in a particular type of virtual worlds. This is similar to real seeds, from which plants grow. But in Minecraft, locations (worlds) grow from seeds.

Knowledge about biomes has a practical use for enthusiastic minecrafter. If you prefer to play in rainy forests, why spawn in taiga? If you like polar bears, don’t start the game in a Sunflower Plain! Different biomes contain different plants, resources, and animals. There is different weather in them. The whole feeling of playing may change in another biome.

We have 5 types of biomes in the Minecraft game. They are grouped by climate features on snowy, cold, medium, warm, and neutral biomes.

How to use seeds in Minecraft?

There are much more seeds in the game than biomes because seeds are more connected to worlds, which are combinations of different biomes.

To “plant” a seed and make a world “grow” from it, we have to open the “More world options…” button and enter a seed in the special line.

Minecrafr - entering world options

Minecrafr - typing a seed

For example, to create the world from the free Demo of Minecraft, use the “North Carolina” seed.

The seed of Minecraft Demo game

The Minecraft game generates seed automatically when a new world generated. Then using the seed in the same version of the game, we may enter the same world. When the developers release new versions of Minecraft, old seeds may not work properly, making different worlds there. So, it is better to check the version of the game when you take somewhere a seed.

Minecrafr screenshot

To know the seed of a current world, just enter the “/seed” command from a keyboard and press “Enter” – the seed will appear on the screen.

Minecrafr biom

Minecrafr seed

On the Very Good Games, we plan to make a collection of seeds, which create really interesting worlds of different biomes - it is in developing at the moment!

Another one thing in the Minecraft game that is connected to locations is a map. By loading a map we may enter a particular world, not just a particular type of worlds. More information about Minecraft maps may be found in the corresponding article.

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