Jan 8, 2017

How to play Pokemon Go. First steps

Pokemon Go game logo
It’s not so easy to stand aside of the Pokemon Go fuss, that takes over the gaming world. And there are not so many gamers who was not tempted to install and play this game. Even some ingrained haters of Pokemon play it to tell “I tried and it’s really sh*t” (however, some of them later change their mind and even become an enthusiastic Pokemon fans). For them and first of all for those who have no prejudgments and just want to play the mega-popular game, we’ve prepared this series of Pokemon Go tutorials. There you’ll find clear explanations about every step in the game, and a lot of tricks, which will help you to become a really powerful Pokemon trainer, and to enjoy the game with maximum pleasure.

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On which devices the Pokemon Go game works?

The very first step – find out if your smartphone or tablet can run the game. You may check the official requirements here.

Or visit the game pages on mobile marketplaces and just try to install the game. If Pokemon Go doesn’t work on your device, of course, you can’t do so.

A button for downloading Pokemon Go to Android smartphones and tablets        A button for downloading Pokemon Go to iPhone and iPads

Create an account and a character

It’s still rather a technical task, but to set a hero appearance you’ll need a little of your creativity also. 
When you open Pokemon Go for the first time, you should answer the question about your age and create an account to log in the game. Here is possible to use a Google account or create one in the Pokemon Trainer Club. Both ways are easy! Just read the instructions and do what they say. 

When this is done, professor Willow gives some explanations about the Pokemon world. And then, the character creation process begins. The Pokemon Go game proposes two kinds of the basic hero: a boy or a girl. The appearance of both can be changed in very the handy editor. There you may change the hair style and the color of the skin and the eyes, choose new clothes, shoes, and a backpack.

Catch a starter Pokemon

The last step before the real game begins is the small training from the professor – you should catch your first Pokemon. You will have three Pokemon on device’s screen to choose the starter among them. They are Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. Firstly, tap on any. Then throw a PokeBall at the creature of your choice, according to the game guidance, and catch the Pokemon. 

Not only those three pocket monsters can be your starter Pokemon. If you prefer Pikachu, you may catch him. How to do so, read in the tutorial “Tricks of Pokemon Go. How to catch Pikachu as your starter”!

Then you should come up with a game nickname and enter it. And… let the game begins!

Where to find Pokemon?

The augmented reality system means that virtual creatures Pokemon live among real objects. So to find them you should… just look around! Maybe a pocket monster sits on your table? Or maybe he hides in your bathroom?

Don’t expect to catch a lot of Pokemon, sitting on a couch. It would be rather boring… The game becomes really interesting, if you try to find different Pokemon on cities’ streets, in different buildings, in forests, and on meadows – everywhere! The more different places you visit, the more chances you have to fill your Pokedex with a lot of monsters.

To catch ‘em all will be useful to know, where one or another Pokemon usually lives, which climate they prefer and when they become active. There are 18 Pokemon types in the game. If you want to find a water one, you better go to a waterside or in a swimming pool. Do you know, you can catch them even on a ship during a sea cruise or in your own boat?! Ghost Pokemon often hide near parking lots at nighttime. Grass Pokemon are often can be found in parks and on meadows, just among tall grass.

To learn more about Pokemon types, visit the page “About Pokemon types”.

How to catch Pokemon?

For beginners in the game, it is better to look for simple Pokemon, such as grass, water or normal types. They are easy to find, and with catching them you’ll increase the level of your game character. The higher it is, the mightier Pokemon you meet and the more chances you have to catch them successfully.

To see a Pokemon, you should direct a smartphone’s or a tablet’s camera on it. A virtual creature appears on the screen – tap on him to begin the catching process. In the lower part of the screen you’ll see a thing for catching Pokemonthe PokeBall. Tap it, and around the Pokemon a circle appears – the target ring. It can be different colors and this has been made not only for beauty.

The color gives information, how difficult to catch the Pokemon:

  • a green ring means you’ve found an easy Pokemon;
  • an orange ring appears around Pokemon with middle difficulty;
  • a red ring is the sign of a very strong Pokemon, and it’s really hard to catch him.

While experience level of your character isn’t high, you meet mainly simple Pokemon.

The target ring shrinks. Wait for a moment when it becomes very small, and then throw PokeBall! The smaller ring the bigger chance of success, and the bigger your XP points. To throw PokeBall you need just fling it toward a Pokemon with your finger, as you did it with your starter pocket monster.

So, guys, now you know many things about the first steps in the Pokemon Go game and may already go for hunting. Yeah, exactly go, because the game is not about sitting in one place, but about walking and meeting with other players in the physical reality, not on the Internet.

That’s all for now, but isn’t all of our Pokemon Go tutorials!

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