Jan 2, 2017

How to register a Minecraft account

Run Minecraft Launcher on your computer. If launch of the game is first, the system will propose to login (ask your Username and Password) or to register. 

Minecraft account registration process

If the “Register” button is pressed, the register page on the Mojang web-site will be opened. Fill the form there and click on the “Register” button.

Minecraft account registration process

After creating profile come back to Minecraft Launcher and click “Continue playing!” to begin the game or “Purchase now!” for purchasing the full version of Minecraft.  

Minecraft account registration process

If you push the “Purchase now!” button, the store page on minecraft.net opens. Click on the “Buy Minecraft” button and follow the instructions on the site. Here also is possible to register, if you didn’t make an account yet.

Minecraft account registration process

When an account is created and the license is bought, you can play Minecraft with all possibilities of the game. For example, you may begin with free five Demo days.

A banner for the Minecraft tutorial series - How to play Minecraft. Five Demo days

 it is useful to visit the menu of options for making there some changes or just for reference. Read about it in the next tutorial “Minecraft options menu”.

A link to the tutorial How to play Minecraft - What can we find in the oprions menu