Jan 2, 2017

Icy Gifts

Icy Gifts game screenshot
for Windows & Mac

It is so cold on the winter holidays, that the gifts have become frozen and covered with the thick layer of ice. Still, you can save the celebration! Shoot at balls of ice with the special warming weapon! In this Christmas game, the gifts fly all over the screen, and when gamer hit them, the explosion touches other presents and makes them free of ice too. In this way, you should unfreeze as many presents as possible. Upgrades and additional useful objects will help to perform the mission!

The game is a bit similar to shooters, so if you feel ready to take more powerful weapons and battle against much more awful enemies, help Santa kill zombies in Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare – play it online on Very Good Games!

Free online shooter Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare on the gaming blog Very Good Games