Jan 16, 2017


Make Minecraft skins free online
for Windows & Mac

This is a very good Minecraft skin creator. You may build an appearance of your character on the base of the pre-made templates, or make a fully unique skin from scratch.

Use this simple game-like editor to create custom Minecraft skins. At the beginning of the game, choose a template for the body: the blank square-headed guy, the default Minecraft character Steve, one of the three different man-like bodies, or the robot. In Skincraft it is also possible to create your own body templates, save them on a computer and then use when you play next time. 

Click on the “Go” button to start the creation process. The Minecraft skin editor proposes to do so layer by layer, adding different appearance elements, such as full character textures, things for the lower and upper body, head details. Also here is a very good tool to make every part of the character’s body from scratch, pixel by pixel. Just choose, what to edit, and then do whatever you want with the head, arms, and legs. The Skincraft game gives the possibility to make the main skin layer and also to add a secondary layer with clothes and accessories.


Read our tutorial "How to make a skin in Minecraft" to discover other useful applications for scking creating!


Here is possible to set up some options for every detail of your skins. Explore the Minecraft skin maker to learn all of its features! Export your skins into .png files and use them in game adventures. 

Do you know how to change Minecraft skin? If no, look our explanation here.

A screenshot from Minecraft with a custom skin - a link to the tutorial about what skins are. On the gaming blog Very Good Games

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