Jan 16, 2017

All the Fairy Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Fairy Pokemon logoThere are 13 Fairy Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game.

6 of them are the pure Fairy type:

Clefairy Pokemon
#035 – Clefairy (Fairy);

Clefable Pokemon
#036 – Clefable (Fairy);

Cleffa Pokemon
#173 – Cleffa (Fairy);

Togepi Pokemon
#175 – Togepi (Fairy).
Snubbull Pokemon
#209 – Snubbull (Fairy);

Granbull Pokemon
#210 – Granbull (Fairy).

1 dual type Pokemon has the Fairy type as primal:

Togetic Pokemon
#176 – Togetic (Fairy/Flying);

6 dual type Pokemon have the Fairy type as secondary:

Jigglypuff Pokemon
#039 – Jigglypuff (Normal/Fairy);

Wigglytuff Pokemon
#040 – Wigglytuff (Normal/Fairy);

Mr. Mime Pokemon
#122 - Mr. Mime (Psychic/Fairy), exclusive to Europe;

Igglybuff Pokemon
#174 – Igglybuff (Normal/Fairy).

Marill Pokemon
#183 – Marill (Water/Fairy);

Azumarill Pokemon
#184 – Azumarill (Water/Fairy).

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