Jan 16, 2017

What are skins in Minecraft and how to change them?

Minecraft skins
A player enters the Minecraft world in a form of a game character. He is a square-headed guy named Steve or a square-headed girl Alex – with which character you will play, depends on your profile on the official minecraft.net site. The appearances of Steve and Alex are just the pictures - 3D models, put on a computer. These pictures are called Minecraft skins and you can easily change them, making someone else from Steve or Alex.

A skin in the Minecraft game covers all parts of the character’s body. The head, arms, legs etc  are combined in one .png file, where you may edit them. Except for the main parts of the body, Minecraft player skin contains the second layer with additional appearance elements, such as a hat, glasses, and other accessories. 

To change Minecraft skin in the PC version of the game you should visit your profile page: https://minecraft.net/profile. Here you may upload your Minecraft custom skin, which will become the default one for your game character. If you have a lot of skins, you may change them as often, as you want, using different appearances of the game hero on different maps and with your different moods.

So, the next question is – where take Minecraft custom skins? There are a lot of them on the Internet – for example, you may download one of our unique Very Good Games skins (the collection is in developing at the moment).

And also you may create a skin. To make this, read our tutorial How to make your own skin in Minecraft!

Minecraft tutorial about skins

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