Jan 16, 2017


Hanger game screenshot
for Windows & Mac

As the famous superhero Spiderman, the guy in this game can shoot ropes out of his hands, cling with it on the ceiling, and by swinging on it makes his way to a finish of the dangerous game locations. He may fall into the abyss and die. He may even smash into a wall or an obstacle so hard, that his body falls apart, and he also dies in this case. Be careful with this acrobat, he is so fragile!

With some game heroes, you don’t have to be careful. Moreover, it is needed to kill as much of them as possible – such a mission waits for you in the Zombudoy shooter on the Very Good Games blog.

A screenshot from a nice shooting game with zombies -Zombudoy. Play it online for free on the blog for gamers Very Good Games