Jan 25, 2017

Tingly Solitaire

Play online Tingly Solitaire
Four decks of cards have been mixed in a chaotic way. Now we may try and separate every of them. In solitaire games, we should play by the specific rules, and this free version is not an exceptional. 

Some cards here lie on a few columns, and we may group them – a lower card goes on higher, a red one on a black one and a black on a red one. If an ace is found, it should be placed on one of four places for the final decks. Then all other cards may be put on it one by another, from a King to a Four. Extra cards from the common deck can be checked by one, what is a normal mode, or by three, what is a hard mode. Also, the game proposes an easy mode – players may list the extra card with no limitations. In this online solitaire, we have a time limit, so better think and act quickly.

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