Jan 25, 2017

First glimpses of the Generation II creatures in Pokemon Go

Baby Pokemon news
As the whole series of the Pokemon games, the new mobile sensation slowly increases the quantity of available creatures. At the beginning, there were only species of the Generation I in the Pokemon Go game, but now trainers can get few pocket monsters from the Generation II to their collections! They are seven babies, pre-evolutions of seven grown-up Pokemon from the First Generation. And they can be taken only from eggs.

The community of Pokemon trainers was waiting for the appearance of the Second Generation almost with anticipation. Many active players have already caught most of the creatures and needed something new in the game. And even those, who play Pokemon Go time to time, waited for “a stream of fresh air” – without it, the augmented reality game began slowly lose its attractiveness. And then, seven babies were added!

It’s not like an amazing gift from the developers because many players were waiting for the whole Generation II. But it is really something interesting! 

Now trainers can hatch from 2 km eggs: 

Pokemon Cleffa
Cleffa (baby Clefairy);
Pokemon Igglybuff
Igglybuff (baby Jigglypuff).

And from 5 km eggs:

Pokemon Pichu
Pichu (baby Pikachu);
Pokemon Togepi
Togepi (baby Togetic).

From 10 km eggs may appear:

Pokemon Smoochum
Smoochum (baby Jynx);
Pokemon Elekid
Elekid (baby Electabuzz);

Pokemon Magby
Magby (baby Magmar).

So, trainers should keep walking if they want to have these creatures in their Pokedex!

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