Jan 28, 2017


UFO Run screenshot
A cute alien explores huge halls of a virtual castle. He is so excited about this adventure that runs over the location with high speed, not capable of stopping himself. On the way, green creature collects golden stars – the more he gets the higher his experience level becomes. But there are also dangerous obstacles in the game – sharp spikes! To avoid them, the alien can fly with the help of his jet-pack. Tap or click the screen to activate the device. Control the height cautiously – often spikes are on the ceiling or even in the middle air. Every crash takes 10 points of health from the game hero. But every experience level gives him 10 points more to the health bar. How far can run the alien under your control? How many badges will you get in this fun running game?
UFO Run game screenshot

After so adrenaline events, it is nice to play a more calm game. Maybe you will be interested in the activity of your brains, not the reflexes? Chess Classic proposes this on the Very Good Games blog!

Free online game - classic chess on the gaming blog Very Good Games