Jan 27, 2017

Backgammon Classic

Backgammon Classic screenshot
The game is known from ancient times, and now we may play backgammon in its cool virtual version. The goal here is removing all the pieces of your color from the board. To do so, click or tap the dice and then decide which chips move. It will be better not to do this blindly – think how to occupy free spaces and block the opponent’s movements, choose the faster way to collect your chips in the final “exit” place, and check how your opponent acts to make correct in-game decisions. For beginners, this online backgammon game proposes color hints, which show possible moves for a chosen piece. One of the best parts of this game is the mode for two players on one device.

Backgammon game - free online on computers, smartphones, tablets

Another one ancient board game that keeps its actuality nowadays is Chess. A free classic version of it is available here!

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