Jan 1, 2017

Zombies Inc.

Zombies Inc. game screenshot
for Windows & Mac

Rising deads are tired of fighting with people in an uncoordinated way, so they have decided to unite in a powerful corporation to conquer the whole world and to make really nice money on this. Will you assume the role of the CEO of the organization, giving orders to all the departments? In the Zombie section, you create new warriors for your army. In the attack section, you begin conquest missions and make money on successful operations. In the Manage Sales section, you provide zombies with different products – it is a significant part of the corporation budget! Don’t forget to visit the Company Upgrades section to improve every of the departments!

Although this game is very interesting, many gamers prefer not to be on the zombies’ side but to kill them. You can participate in such a mission in the Zombudoy shooter!

Zombudoy game screenshot