Nov 24, 2016

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon – new adventures in the legendary series!

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games posters
Games about Pokemon appeared 20 years ago but still are amazingly interesting. To keep the old fans and to get new players, developers of Pokemon series release new virtual adventures regularly. Some of them continue the tradition of role-playing games with turn based battles. Others, like well-known Pokemon Go, begin new styles of having fun with pocket monsters. The last two games about Pokemon have been released in November of 2016. It is nicely improved classic with a lot of new possibilities and species. The pair of games is named Pokemon Sun and Moon. Both are made for the Nintendo 3DS game consoles.

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It is the tradition of the Nintendo Company to release two connected Pokemon games. Such was with the very first Pokemon Red and Blue. And such was with the previous version Pokemon Omega Rubyand Alpha Sapphire. Now we have Sun and Moon! The name of the game comes from two new legendary Pokemon: Solgaleo as Sun, and Lunala as Moon. To get these creatures into the Pokedex, players should reach the really high level in two games.

In the gameplay, Pokemon Sun and Moon are very similar to other games of the series. Players assume the control of young trainers, which explore the virtual land of Alola (based on Hawaii), collect Pokemon, and battle with other trainers. The games’ plot talks about the fight with the evil organization Team Skull. But of course, the main thing there rather is collecting the Pokemon of the new Generation VII!

Here is a detailed review of this game, written after filling the Pokedex - Sun is shining in the Alolian sky. Pokémon Sun (Moon) impressions.

Gamers, who have Nintendo 3DS and like Pokemon, can buy Pokemon Sun or buy Pokemon Moon.

A banner for buying the Pokemon Sun game for Nintendo 3DS game consoles        A banner for buying the Pokemon Sun game for Nintendo 3DS game consoles

Nintendo and the Pokemon Company prepare a new, updated version of this game. It will be Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. We know some information about them from these video trailers:

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