Feb 7, 2017

Doom II: Hell on Earth! Review and walkthrough

The legendary game Doom II: Hell on Earth
If hordes of awful demons break into the human world, only the brave and nameless hero is capable of saving people from death. He is a great warrior, who has experience in fighting against monsters – the similar invasion of evil creatures had been stopped by him in the previous part of the game, in the original Doom. And now the guy should save Earth!

His brave mission has become a legendary shooter, one of the first games, made from a first-person perspective. After it, many cool parts of the Doom series have been released. But still, Doom II: Hell on Earth remains actual in the modern game world. So, let’s dive into its tenseness and make our journey through all the dangers of the great rescue operation!

The full walkthrough of Doom II: Hell on Earth

On the Very Good Games, we have prepared for you, guys, the walkthrough of this legendary shooter! Maybe, it will inspire you to play this great classic game. Or will show how to find well-hidden keys and kill especially dreadful demons. In fact, it is just interesting to follow the adventures of that great hero…

Guys, our full walkthrough of Doom II: Hell on Earth is on the video below! It is a playlist, contained 33 videos!

A hard but exciting way to the decent goal!

The plot of the game is quite interesting, but during the shooting missions players may totally forget about it and concentrate on killing enemies and exploring territories. After all, it is a bloody carnage, not an intellectual puzzle! Enter a location, try to kill everyone on your way, collect all bonus objects, and look for an exit into a next location. And this continues at all the game levels, till the very last fight against the enormous monster skull…

Doom II game screenshot

At the first game of Doom, the hero won the war against demons on Mars. But now those dreadful creatures have found the way to Earth. All the people try to escape on a spaceship. From the orbit, they see a chance to stop the invasion. Someone should reach the mystical portal, from which demons enter our world. And the game hero becomes that “someone”. He makes his way to the portal, enters the dimension of Hell, and destroys the door between the worlds. So many foes try to stop him! And it is so exciting for shooter fans to kill them from different weapons!

“Where’s that door? Where's that key?”

The Doom II: Hell on Earth game is also interesting by its exploration component. This is not just “shoot and shoot” again and again. The hero has not to kill all enemies but to find an exit. Of course, monsters often block the way, but reaching a door, an elevator, or a portal is more significant than killing every of demons! And sometimes, it takes a lot of time and asks for savvy and luckiness to understand where an exit is, and where keys is hidden.

Doom 2 game screenshot

How to play Doom 2 nowadays?

Doom II: Hell on Earth – it is one of the most successful games of the whole computer era. It appeared in 1994, and even now there is a way to play it! To get the game for Windows, visit its page on Steam.

A button for buying and playing Doom II Hell on Earth on modern computers

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