Feb 8, 2017

How to hatch Pokemon from eggs

How to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go game - tutorial
There are two ways of getting Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game – gamers can catch virtual creatures of hatch them from eggs. The catching method, which can be called a basic one, has been explained in our first Pokemon Go tutorial. So let’s look at the hatching process and figure out what it is.

Weird creatures, those Pokemon are! They live only in virtuality, they like to be caught by human-trainers… And although Pokemon appear from eggs like some real animals, they do it in an interesting way, almost making a favor to trainers by giving them one more motivation for walking. 

To hatch an egg, a trainer should put it into an incubator and walk with it 2, 5, or 10 kilometers, depending on the egg type. Easy and interesting, but still a few questions left!

Where to get eggs?

They may be taken from PokeStops. And this is one of the reasons to visit these places regularly. Find such an object on the map, come close to it, roll its photo-sign, and collect bonus items. Among PokeBall and other useful items may appear Pokemon eggs.

Also, the game rewards with eggs for leveling-up. It may happen as the result of gaining experience points or may not…

How to know a type of eggs?

They are different from each other by the color of spots: green on 2 km eggs, orange on 5 km, and purple on 10 km eggs.

Three types of eggs in Pokemon Go game

Where to get incubators?

In the Pokemon Go game, every player has one incubator from the very start. It can work unlimited numbers of times. But it can hold only one egg.

To increase the effectiveness of walking, we can buy additional incubators in the game shop. Or hope that they will appear after a leveling-up. These are special devices – they work only for three hatchings. 

Incubators in the Pokemon Go game

How to hatch a Pokemon?

Put an egg into an incubator and walk with game application opened, or with Pokemon Go Plus turned on. A ready egg appears on the screen – tap it and watch how a Pokemon is hatching.

Which Pokemon will appear?

There are three groups of creatures, and we have no ways to predict, who of them will be hatched from 2, 5, or 10 km eggs. It can be someone rare and new for your Pokedex. And it can be a Pokemon, which you already have in the Pokedex…

Check our list of all Pokemon creatures in the Pokemon Go game to know how many kilometers you need to walk for hatching a particular Pokemon. 
Notice: some creatures have been transferred from one group to another a few times already, and this may happen in the future.

Do you know that a few Pokemon just can’t be gotten by catching and are available only through hatching? They are baby Pokemon from the Generation II!

Collecting Pokemon is just a part of the game process in the Pokemon Go. To give an entertainment and training for your creatures, participate in battles, which take place in special locations, called Gyms. But first, you should choose one of the global teams. We explain this in the tutorial “Three teams in Pokemon Go”.

Tree teams in the Pokemon Go game: Instinct, Valor, and Mystic

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