Feb 23, 2017

Extreme Kitten

Extreme Kitten screenshot
A cute little kitty wants to learn how to fly! She has a special platform for the start jump and a lot of objects on the way, which help to feel the excitement of flying and to reach a faraway distance. But the creature needs a bit of help! Will you push the start button for the kitten in an appropriate moment? Will you activate a powerful leap to the ground when a useful trampoline appears there? Try to avoid football goals – the cat loses speed and height when rolls into them. The more distance will be covered during a try, the more bonus stars you will have for updates, and the better the kitten’s flying will be in a next attempt!

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Different virtual creatures prefer different entertainments! A penguin, for example, tries not to fly but jump fast between ice floes and collect fish on the way. Play with him in the Penguin Skip game!

Free mini game Penguin Skip