Feb 22, 2017

Cowboys vs. Martians

Cowboys vs Martians game screenshot
Evil aliens from Mars want to occupy Earth! But they have made a fatal mistake, landing on the planet in the Wild West region. Brave cowboys know well what to do with such creatures! Even one of them is able to defeat the whole aliens’ army. Of course, if you help him aim accurately and spend bullet thoughtfully. In every level of this shooter, the cowboy has to kill all the Martians. Enemies stand on distant platforms, often hiding behind obstacles. And the hero has a limited number of bullets! But there always is a way to defeat the foes – you just need to understand where and when to shoot…

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Some heroes just have no patience to stand on a distance and kill enemies one by one. A girl from the Zombies Eat My Stocking game rushes to fight against monsters, even if she doesn’t have a weapon in her hands.

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