Feb 9, 2017

Home Run Champion

Home Run Champion game screenshot
Of course, any virtual sports simulator can’t give the same excitement as its real prototype, but sometime it’s worth to diversify the life and play computer game. In this simulator of baseball, you play and as a batter, and as a pitcher, trying to hit the ball in the first cases and throw it hard to prevent hitting in the second. To do so, press the batting and pitching buttons at appropriate moments – on the appeared bar, you’ll see the special red zone, where is better to stop the slider. If perform the mission well, you will get three points for a homerun as a batter and for a strike as a pitcher. Mind that the slider stops a bit later pressing the button, so do this before the red zone. Gain more points than an opponent to win a match. Pass 24 levels and play in three leagues in this online sport game!

Play free baseball Home Run Champion

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