Feb 9, 2017


K.U.L.I. shooter screenshot
A guy was making a job in wildness and when he came back home, he discovered that an awful infection has spread all over the city – many people became evil zombies. Just a few survived and even they can’t stand for long if someone will not help them to unite and to fight against rising deads. Assume the control over the mighty hero, lead him to survivors, make a nice crew with them, build defensive constructions, collect useful resources, and shot those imprudent zombies! Will you be able to kill every of dangerous monsters and return calmness to the virtual world? At every level of this online shooter, you should perform some mission – it may be a number of survivors that the hero has to rescue, or buildings that he should create, or other interesting tasks. The game will give special bonus skulls for this. They can be spent on updates, with which it will be much easier to perform the missions!

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In the virtuality, humans often face dreadful dangers. Angry beasts come to a Vikings’ village and want to kill everyone there. So the warriors accept the battle and try to defeat huge wolves and goblins in the Vikings vs. Monsters game.

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